Today I had the almost imponderable joy of visiting my new school’s Fresher’s fair. That is basically a large group of students gathered in one place. Half of the students are members of school clubs and societies, such as sports associations and the chess club and so on, and the other half is people who go there to try to find something interesting to fill the idle times between drinks and school-work. Yes, I’ve also watched Charlie-videos on Youtube.

Ian Charleson (foreground) and Ben Cross (left...
Ian Charleson (foreground) and Ben Cross (left) running in the “Chariots of Fire” music scene which bookends the film. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have settled for a mix of media, music and track. Yes, my solitary joy of going out for a run every few days is about to get organised properly. Maybe I will be like the guy in Chariots of Fire one day. Although I highly doubt it.

Mark was with me, and he signed up for a choir, again, and a science club. I tried to get him to join the gym so he could do it for free, but he says he wants to keep that separate. It’s something of a Zen thing, apparently, for him to grab the bag and head off to lift weights. It would be worse if he went with the mates.

Mark has a rusty but lovely voice, so I’m glad he’s taking up the choir thing again. But boy does he need practise. I too will get the opportunity to shine with my singing, but I am far less informed of what the ‘music club’ actually means. Apparently they do a bit of everything; from shows and pup gigs to whole flipping operas.

Cozy cozies

I have neglected this blog. I am sorry, but I can come with the usual excuse that I’ve been quite busy, and say that at the same time nothing has actually happened that feels any interesting to write about.

School is fairly easy. Three months into our marriage, we’ve settled into the quiet bourgeoisie and make no noise of ourselves. We don’t even have proper fights any more, well except for once. Life stomps on in the predictable and boring patterns.

Thought I did wake up before Mark yesterday and spent half an hour just looking at him sleeping while I read in bed, and feeling that which I always feel when I think about it. That’s I’m so incredibly lucky because he’s beautiful and he’s smart and he’s mine. I’ve considered the concept of beauty, actually, because I’m reading a book about it. But that is a topic for another post where I can wax in length about that.

In my evenings I’ve been in the sofa with the laptop on my knee dithering with the magazine which I’ve told you about. I’m going to make a longer post about that later, or tomorrow, because that too is one reason I’ve kept a bit quiet lately. I have considered it, hard. Not to quit, but whether to actually lift it from “a thing I do to learn and experiment” to an actual project that I will end up showing to people and try to make it real.

I probably won’t be back in full on the blog while I do that. I need a couple of days to navigate the complexities that lie between: “dad will flip out if I suggest spending any money on such a thing” and “Mum will flip out if I suggest something that will remove focus from my school work” and finally whether Mark will support me whatever I do because, as he says, “it’s my money”. With the barb that is always in that statement. Yes, I have spoken to him about it. I always tell him before I tell the blog. 😀 But I want a deeper conversation than what we’ve had so far.

If you miss me, you can always sign up for my twitter (which you’ll find below these posts). Can’t say I’m more active there than here, except when I spurt out something that bother me about something at some moment.