At £2.50 per pint, the Wetherspoons pub, which I was reminded of elsewhere, and which lies somewhat near the university, is like a god send. The only thing is that they have a huge telly where you have to watch sports.

The fun thing about the pub is this though, they have multiples on the menu. So, you can get five vodka shots for for a fiver. Can you tell that this is a pub geared toward students? As a comparison, a pint in a regular pub is closer to £4 than £2.

It feels like student life is about scheduling classes between visits to this place. Class in the morning? Arrange with Ben or Abbie or Mark to meet here after. Class in the afternoon? See if anyone is there before you go. Need to coöperate with someone? Do it there over tea or a fizzy drink.

The pub life doesn’t get started until the evening though. Actually, I would say it’s more of a club than a pub, even though it’s Wetherspoons. I suppose the chain cater to its core audience. It’s not like a traditional pub, is it? Not much.

I feel like I would become a happy alcoholic here, even although we actually rarely buy much. It’s not like we drink five Jaegerbombs before a lecture. And it’s not like we’re here when the disco lights are on in the evening.

Sometimes partying seems like all we’re supposed to do as students. Opening chats with my fellows orbit around the topic of some party; have we been, or haven’t we been? I feel like such a gentrified relic when I consider that Mark and I spent the evening in front of the telly instead of wasting our youth and livers.

Instead, for the next couple of days, we will be contrarian. We’re going to London, and will be back on Friday. We shall leave the demands on our livers and hearts and minds behind, and just frolic in the metropolitan. Luckily the B&B has wi-fi, so I won’t be off-line. 🙂