There is a point to us being in London this week, and that is that I wanted to go to the British Library. BL has an extensive collection of British Journalism from the time period I’m interested in – the 18th century – and my first important paper is going to be about that.

The British Library entranceway.
The British Library entranceway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I spent the day reading articles in the reading room in St Pancreas. I wish I could have done so with the originals, but alas that wasn’t possible. Instead, I’ve used the extensive digital collection. The library is digitizing thousands of articles per day, and have done so for a long time.

Mark’s reason for being here is more vague, and the true reason is that he’s with me to enjoy the city, but the official reason is that he is going to do some research needed for his studied. Of course, that research could have been done from home. But but. We all find our excuses for a mini-holiday we don’t need.

I am also a terrible researcher, because I spent the time doing what I tend to do; seeing something interesting and reading that instead of reading the sources I’m supposed to. And the collection here is so vast that you could spend years and years just going from item to item.

There is some bad weather brewing here, and on Monday we’re supposed to have the worst weather ever, or at least since the 19th century. So, we have decided to suffer the consequences by staying here for another three days. The B&B is quite cheap, and we still have some money left over from the wedding gifts. We have to be home by Tuesday, because I have a meeting with the tutor.

Colinology is also becoming a book, with the apt title ‘The Worries of an Over-thinker’. I just realised that I spent nearly two years on this blog, and I’ve written a lot.

While I don’t think the bleating about my personal life would interest a wider audience, there are some more essay like things I like. I’d like to revisit those, and turn them into proper essays, and then publish an e-book.

Most of my ‘essays’ here on the blog suffer from being quite ‘unprofessional’, by which I mean that I’ve had this pressing need to spurt out some idea, and I’ve published after a cursory pass of editing. That won’t do in book-form of course, and that’s why I think I should take those proto-essays, and give them the school treatment. Source them, edit them thoroughly, and change what is glaringly wrong.

If I make some pennies on the book, I’ll put those toward the magazine project. That way my dad will be less alarmed than if I would start spending any of my savings on it. It would save a lot of family drama here. And I’d be a proper author, and hawk books, and pretend it meant I’m a real writer.