Someone please save me from this week, because it is a week straight from the pit of hell. I don’t even believe in hell, yet I see the cracks and fissures in the paths I walk, and sulphur damps up through the cracks, and the devil laughs in my mind at the struggles and stress that have suddenly, from nowhere, descended upon me.

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First, I have to write another paper, and it’s due tomorrow, and I haven’t even started to edit and check it because I’ve run my legs off trying to find sources and references for it. It seems that everything I read doesn’t fit.

Second, Ben and Abbie has had a falling out and sit and stare icily at each other, and when they speak it’s in the form of verbal daggers, sarcasm, and put-downs. The three musketeers we should be is 2+1, and two of us aren’t speaking to each other. Then they ring me, or haul me into a hall, or crash into my research with their problems to the point that I just want to shout at them to go away. Like I said elsewhere, so much would be solved if pistols at dawn were legal again.

Third, the music slash choir slash theatre slash whatever has started and I’m expected to perform at some sort of level, but how can I do that when world war three is going on in my circle of friends, and with a snippy lecturer that keeps asking me for references and notes and sources for a paper I haven’t handed in yet.

So, please, rescue me. Or I may have to strangle a kitten, and George is already looking at me in a funny way as if he sees the thoughts that cross my mind. Then he tries to prove that he’s not a kitten any longer, but a big mean cat. He does this by digging his claws into my hands when I try to lift him out of the sofa so that I can sit there and catch a breather.

Or maybe I just need a hug? I know this blog does, because I’m into a neglectful period, and what’s worse, I’m not responding to your comments. I will get around to that once the weekend is here, and I can relax a bit. I haven’t forgotten you, or developed airs. I’m just so busy.

Or I’m panicking about what results I expect from the paper. 😀 The earlier essay with all that red still haunts my dreams and nightmares, and while the last one wasn’t nearly as bad, I will make sure that this one is even better.