The assignment I am going to do is to interview people about some subject, which means that I actually have to approach strangers and ask them stupid questions about things they haven’t thought through before until I stand there, all needy and desperate.

I have sort of settled on a question that is somewhat related to my studies, and that is about journalism in this country. I fully expect to get an earful because in people’s minds journalists compete with paedophiles and bankers for who is the lowest scum of all.

I expect I have to interview about twenty people to get a decent sampling, and while it is not a poll, but rather a sampling, I should get as wide a group as possible. I can look at this as my first attempt to create a focus group.

It can’t, of course, be a true focus group because I won’t be able to pay the participants, so I’ll have to bother people in between their dinner making and grocery shopping, when they’ll be most annoyed with the interruption.

Or it could just be my anti-social instincts that play up now, and my unwillingness to do this is more about not wanting to talk to strangers than it is about reluctance or disinterest in the task.

I’m supposed to read books, write book reports, and think about clever and outlandish theories about literature. Not, you know, talk to people. 😀 And I still have to wait for over an hour until Mark is finished, and then we’re going to go down to High Street and shop for some clothes. I’m also going to cut my hair – something that is really needed.