If there is one female artist that dig deep into me, then it is Amy Winehouse. I tend to go hard for the brittle diva with a dark life and a big heart, and who fits that better than Amy? It doesn’t help that her music is way way way brilliant. She should have lived! Her death was such a loss to everything that is good and beautiful in the world.

Amy Winehouse, “Love is a losing game”

Amy Winehouse, “Tears dry on their own”

Amy Winehouse, “You know I’m no good”

This song was supposed to be my coming out song. I had this mad, crazy idea that I would use this song to tell everyone that I was gay. It didn’t work out as I had planned. In 2011 I was doing my last gig for the old school in Sweden, a summer festival. I was hoping for a crowd, and a lot of my friends, and I was going to sing this. Unfortunately it rained terribly, and the only people that listened were a couple of old people who couldn’t walk further than some cover.

I also have made my own cover of this, which you can listen to here. In this version, I have changed the gender of who I sing about. My own little concession to my cowardice. 😦 But that gig, I would have sung about a ‘he’ instead of a ‘she’. I would. 🙂