Moving back to my aunt’s house will cost. One thing is that we will have to start pay rent again. In this house we don’t, and since we are full-time students we also don’t have to pay the council taxes on the house. And we will lose the income from the tenant downstairs.

So, we’re looking at being £600 worse off per month than we have been. That’s a big dip in our “income” per month, and that’s why both Mark and I have decided that we need to take a part-time job.

Mark already has his brick-laying job which he does on a bi-weekly basis, but he’s going to talk to the manager of that so that he can work a few days every week. I however, have to find my own job, and therefore I’ve talked to people who know people.

I spoke to a friend of a friend who works as a shift manager for MacDonald’s, and he told me that for the last open place they had, they got 39 applicants. He encouraged me to apply anyway, but that number made me indecisive and depressed. I don’t have any work experience, and I’m going to compete with lots of people who do.

This is not a big panic, since we have over six months to prepare for this shift in our fortune, and I still have lots of time to look for work. Still, talking to friends and acquaintances, it looks pretty grim. Youth unemployment is really high, and it doesn’t look like it will become any better in the near future.

The alternative is, of course, to increase the amount that dad takes out of my savings each month. But neither of us really wants to do that because, well, we “removed” that money from our marriage pool through Mark’s insistence on a pre-nuptial agreement. I don’t want to fight that battle all over again unless I really have to. A job seems the easier route.

Of course, this will lead to another “battle”, and that is that my parents will flip because I take a job instead of focusing on school. But this is my life, and my life has its inconsistencies and unique challenges, and therefore they’ll just have to accept it.

And honestly? I think it would be nice to have something like that, because it would be a mental health break to do something completely different for a few days of the week. If that means toasting hamburger buns in an assembly line, so be it.