Has it already been almost a week since I wrote on the blog? I can’t say that I have any real excuse for such a breach of my responsibilities here, although I can say that since I’ve had a really good week, I’ll just call the lack of posts a ‘vacation’.

Thursday (Photo credit: Lindsay Blair Brown)

The week started with me passing the theoretical driving test, so there’s something to jump and shout about, and believe me I did my bit of that once my man came to fetch me. In fact, we jumped and shouted together, and made a terrible nuisance of ourselves to anyone who passed us by.

My plan is to try to do the practical test before the year’s end, and then I too will venture out on the roads behind the wheel of a car like everyone else. I too can mutter about the traffic jams and the inconsiderate fellow drivers, and swear at the stupidity of some. Like someone in this household has been known to do when we’re out driving.

On Thursday I had the best day of my life, so far. Well, maybe August 16 was better. But Thursday was up there. There wasn’t any particular reason for it, but I just woke up so incredibly happy about things, and the feelings persisted throughout the day. I’m so lucky it is unbelievable. I love someone, I have an interesting ‘career’, and things just go ever so well lately.

Most of my time this week has been spent in libraries, and I really enjoy doing that. It’s like a Wiki Walk – without wiki or internet, only hundreds or thousands of books. That offered me one of those rare moments that books give, when I borrowed a private journal out of a collection and leafed through the inner thoughts of a guy my age. Except, his journal was written in 1913. I have a separate post about that coming up one of these days.

The purpose of all this is not so much school work. I have a light schedule of about ten hours of lectures and such per week; far less than we had in college. Mark has taken to calling me ‘professor’ already, because all I do is sit with dusty old books scribbling notes. What I am doing research for is my book of essays, which I mentioned before.