I am supposed to be researching and writing something incredibly clever and original for the end-of-term paper that we have to do, and which will end our current unit. Unfortunately, I can not think of a single thing to write, and I sit there staring at my essay scaffolding, and then I procrastinate.

I also, once again, feel like I’m neglecting the blog, and that I should give some life signs. Not posting every day induces a slight sense of guilt. Is that some sort of perverted sense of responsibility? Or is it some hidden work ethic, or some secret agenda, speaking through my conscience? Let’s just agree that I’ll not post daily until after the new year.

I am pretty busy, although it feels like I’m busy in waves. Right now I’m beset by the need to write this paper, and while I won’t be booted out if I fail, it will count against my marks for the end of the school year. Therefore, the better I do now, the lower the bar will be for the end of the summer term where my continuation into the next school year is at stake.

Despite my ostensible effort to be a good student, I did make a new song, which you can listen to here. I did my very own version of a song from Grease, and I’m quite pleased with it. What do you think? I almost couldn’t finish it because my loop-pedal has started to act up a bit, but I did finish it, and I’m working on another one too. Which shows how much I’m working on what I’m supposed to be doing…

Mark’s course work is so much easier. He doesn’t have to come up with some clever and original angle to his work. It’s just straight down maths. Does he know it? Yes, fairly well. Right, just jot down the formulas, and talk about what they mean and why. My subjects are… so subjective. It’s a mine field.

It’s just two weeks until we go our separate ways for the holidays. He’s off to his parents. I’m off to my dad. I am pathetic. I want us to spend Christmas together, but this way we’ve decided is so adult, and practical, and pragmatic. Screw pragmatism. I don’t want to go.