One of the reasons Mark was okay with staying with his parents over Christmas was that he could nag them about the house, and he’s now convinced them to rent it to us. That will solve their economic problems because we give them money, and it means that we won’t have to move after all.

Home, sweet home 178/365 10/27/08
Home, sweet home (Photo credit: mollyjolly)

This was one of the first things he brought up in the car on the way back home from Heathrow, after I allowed him to breathe for a bit… It means we’ll pay more than we would if we moved to my Auntie’s cellar flat.

It also means I’ll have to ring my Aunt and tell her that we won’t move in after all, but I don’t foresee any problem because we’re giving such advance notice about the change of plans.

He said he was going to talk to them, but he just brought it up in passing, so I’m not sure I can be annoyed with him that he convinced them without me. Screw it, I’m still a bit annoyed because we’re supposed to do these things together.

However, my annoyance is tempered because I know how much this house means to him, and I like it a lot too, and his parents are taking a risk on us because it could be that in a few years time the housing bubble that Osborne and Cameron are fuelling will pop. Then they won’t be able to sell the house, and then they’ll be worse off than they are now.

Romantic Heart from Love Seeds
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I know you probably think I am a romantic fool, but coming home was the best ever. Not least because after several days of no hugs, no kisses, and no snogging – it felt so much better to indulge in that on the threshold to our house when we came home.

And it’s just… Coming out of the arrivals gate at terminal five, and when I saw him standing there, he was the most beautiful sight in the world. Everyone else just disappeared. His big loopy grin when he spotted me mended all those little pangs of missing, and I wanted to stand there and watch that sight of him forever.

Of course, instead I broke the spell and ran over to start the hugging and kissing and… dare I say it… snogging. Well, at least so far as I could snog properly without getting us arrested for public indecency. There are limits to my courage, after all.

And then we were home, and all the familiar smells came up, and it just felt incredibly good to be home. I’ve gone so long without putting down any roots in a place that I haven’t recognised that I have roots here, in this house. That’s another reason not to be so annoyed with him, I suppose.

It’s funny because you become so used to having a person around that you can’t help start taking that person a bit for granted. Maybe it’s healthy for people to go away from each other now and then.

Then, when you come back together, you can see if the spark is still there. Maybe it can be a metric for the health of a relationship. It would be bad if we didn’t feel anything going away, and didn’t feel anything more when getting back together. Right?

Coming back just showed me the hole in my life when he plugged back into that hole. Or maybe this is still an aspect of that foolish romantic thing that you all think I’m inflicted with. 😀