This day will go down in infamy as the ‘lazy day’ where we have done absolutely nothing but sit around doing nothing. I almost feel like a proper teenager for once, having been draped over the sofa; half-way in it, and half-way out of it.

Ardin's Labyrinth [36/365]
Photo credit: Ardinnnn
It started out by us getting up, not at the crack of dawn as I’ve had the unfortunate need to do for the last week, despite it being the winter break and all, but comfortably close to noon.

Then we watched The Time of the Doctor again, this time together so that we could comment and share interpretations. Then we could feel a little sad at the fantastic regeneration of Matt Smith’s Doctor into Peter Capaldi’s.

There may have been some breaks from the idleness for some snogging, but it would be creepy to tell you all that, so I won’t. After watching Who, I’ve been writing the first draft of a story I’ve thought up. It’s quite bare as my first drafts are, but whatever. I’m writing again.

I have this idea that I’ll write a novella of it, which should be a suitable project for these lazy days ahead of us. Now you’re objecting, “you said you didn’t do anything!” But I didn’t, because I wrote this scene over a whole day, and since I spit out words quite fast, that basically qualifies as ‘nothing’.