Today will me a glorious day in the household of Mr A and Mr S. Ie yours truly and the husband. It will be so because it is New Year’s Eve, and because for the first time in years there are no sign of parents, aunts and uncles, or any other relatives. It is us against the world.

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This will actually be the second day of going out to be social with strangers. Yesterday we went to a function arranged by some of Mark’s faculty students and staff.

It wasn’t actually a very wet evening; at most I had two glasses of wine over the five hours we spent there. Okay, maybe three. But not a lot. Still, when we stumbled out into the dark at two am, we were still drunk – but not on alcohol.

Sometimes when you go somewhere, you have decided before you go that you’re not going to enjoy it. It is, I suppose, a petulant reaction to external obligations. “I have to go, but watch me, I’ll be miserable.”

Yesterday was one of those times for me. I really wanted to spend my evening at home, in front of the telly or with a book, or maybe write a few thousand words on my new story. So, in the morning, when Mark said that ominous thing. “It’s important that we go and network and stuff.”

I mean, this is Mark speaking. His idea of a social event is meeting two or three people he has known his whole life. At least. Any newer acquaintance than that, and he is shuffling his feet and rolling his eyes and begging to go home after five minutes.

If he says something social is important, it is probably up there with receiving a Nobel prize in Physics where participation at the ball afterwards is required. And since we’re a couple, a partnership, a union, I just have to go because sometimes I’ll want him to come along with me on things that I find important.

But I don’t have to like it, and I can have that petulant reaction that when I do go, I’m not going to enjoy one single second of it. Just watch me. I’ll look miserable and awkward the entire evening, and you’ll want to toss a blanket over me to hide the negative vibes from my sad eyes.

That didn’t last long, though. It is funny how the goal of being a bore can wash off so quickly. Maybe the instinct to be unfunny and unsocial is just laziness, in a way? Because an hour after arrival I was busy asking a visiting doctor about how Time worked, and he indulged me. Oh boy. Wine, food, and talking about the nature and function of time. A poor literature student is a fish out of water indeed in those circumstances. It’s good that my mother and husband are sciencey type so I know the jargon. To be it sounded a lot as if time is um… a lot of timey-wimey stuff.

And with an amiable host-couple, and other intelligent people who talked about interesting things, yesterday one of the best events ever. When we stumbled home at two thirty in the morning, we still felt drunk from all the things that buzzed around in our heads.

And now I wonder… Since I look forward to the things we’re going to do this evening, does that mean that New Year will be an unmitigated social disaster? 😀


Anyway, if you’ve come this far.

Happy New Year!