Since we weren’t together over Christmas, on a whim we decided that we should compensate after the New Year. We may have overdone it.

It is not advisable to go anywhere because there is flooding in this county. Roads have been closed as both the river Wey and the river Mole have broken its banks in places. Hell, even this town has portions of it that are or have been under water.

Power has also been a bit of an issue, and we lost power three times over the last few days. Thankfully that didn’t last. But it underscored the importance of not getting into the car to drive away somewhere secluded. The trip could include an involuntary swim, and this time of the year is not good for outdoor bathing.

So, with spotty power and nowhere to go, we locked the doors and made up for the miserable days spent apart. That means I have halved my book-stack on the night table, and I have played through the entire campaign of KOTOR, and I have finished the outline for my new story. A grisly little tale, it is.

Apart from that, my life is so incredibly boring that there really isn’t much to say. Yet by now, I’ve written hundreds of words about that nothing. If there is one thing that I’m good at, it is so blather on in writing. Sorry.