It looks like the whole of down-town is under water at the moment, and it has been difficult to get anywhere today. The roads are terrible, or clogged, or under water. Just driving to the shops, or to school, is an exercise in frustration.

We’re not directly affected by it where we live because our house is half-way up a hill, and the river would have to rise a hundred feet before it was any threat to us. And if that happened, a water-logged cellar would be the least of our problems, because if that happened the whole of the South East would be under water.

In the United States they have extreme cold, and here in England we have this. And then there are idiots all over that point to it and claim that climate change is a fraud. This is one symptom of that climate change. The debate is over, and climate change is real, and you only need to look out the window to see it.

Climate change is going to be about extremes: from the extreme high temperatures of Australia, to the extreme cold of Northern USA, to the extreme dampness of England. In some places, like the Philippines, storms will form that will be unlike anything anyone has ever seen. That is what climate change brings, not just a gradual increase in warmth.

The atmosphere has more energy, and more energy translates into more of those extremes, and more extremes mean that there will be far greater swings around the normal state. Places which are cold will be very, very cold. Places that are warm will be very, very warm. And the pendulum will swing sharply between excesses.

Climate is not weather. Weather is determined by geological, positional, and other factors such as latitude. It depends on mountain ranges and bodies of water. What climate in itself brings, when it’s not dependent on those factors, is the energy level of the atmosphere into the mix. And it sure seems like the pendulum swings are between mad and crazy these days.