Sometimes music gets stuck in my head for no obvious reasons. Mark and I finally watched Disney’s “Frozen” yesterday, and while we may have been the wrong target audience for a story about princesses, a song from the film stuck in my head.

Strong songs can, of course, often be found in Disney films. It is their mark. Think about Hakuna Matata from The Lion King or Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid. There’s A Whole New World from Aladdin, and going back to The Lion King there’s Circle of Life.

Disney has some strong songs that make kids and adults all over the world perk up and burst into dance when hearing one of them. Quite a few will know the lyrics by heart as well. And now we can add the song “Let it go”, which is a sort of new Defying Gravity for modern kids.

And “Let it go” has occupied me today, which has caused Mark to circle around the office to see what on Earth I was doing. He should be used to my crashing into song by now. I have recorded the loops and the chord sequence, and tomorrow or on Tuesday I’m going to record the vocals for it.

This is a song that’s deceptively simple to sing, but which need proper belting. Holding back would make it a bit boring; no you need to sing all the way from your toes to project the emotion in this song. Either that, or you’d end up with Demi Lovato’s anaemic version which sees a technically more competent singer, but which has little of the sheer emotional force of the song of the film.

And any good song can be expropriated, particularly if it has a message that says something, and which gay boy or girl can not say that we haven’t wanted to let go, screw the consequences, so that we could be true to ourselves? Now amp that up in a song that needs to be heard clear through a packed hall to the very last row of seats. Powerful stuff; cathartic stuff.