My projects are crashing into each other, and with school and all there’s no way to marshal them into line. Something has to give, and unfortunately my music had to give this time. I won’t have time to finish the “Let it go” cover this week.

My Django project in progress…
This almost looks like my office at home. It’s even “my screen”, except I don’t have that keyboard.

I have to think about the neighbours, so I can’t really do what needs to be done at home. What needs to be done is to sing with as much power and gusto as I can muster, and I need to be able to do that for hours. Obviously, that prevents me from doing it here at home.

My school has a media lab with a sound-proof recording studio/booth, and I had booked that for tomorrow, but instead I will have to do something else that I don’t think I’ve mentioned.

Back during Fresher’s Faire, I signed up for a singing slash acting slash musical slash something kind of group, and we’ve been reading some material for a show that we’re going to do later in the year. One of those readings is tomorrow, and so I have to let the booth go.

There’s a bit of a queue, so I will have to wait at least another week to be able to book it again. Which means I’m so signed up for things that my projects are starting to crash into each other.

Who would’ve thunk…


For some reason Mark has been very wheezy today. He was this morning, and he was when we came home. He has kept his inhaler close by. I think his asthma has been triggered by something. Thus, we’ve pottered about at home since arrival, and not done anything.

And that, to be honest, is just plain fine by me because we’ve gone up down this country during the last week, and we’ve been social and party-minded and all. Time for some quiet time at home. We’re really two dedicated homebodies, that’s all.

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