Mark and I have been tiptoeing around each other this evening, feeding bad vibes to each other, and we both just wait for the storm to break.

Approaching Storm
Approaching Storm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems like it’s time again for a discharge of built up tempers and annoyances, and I don’t really have the patience to indulge in that. If he doesn’t start, I won’t. So, we’ve been avoiding each other this evening. I sit in the office, sulking, and thinking how unfair it all is. He sits downstairs, doing the same.

The cat and the dogs move between us to gauge our mood levels, and I suppose they are just waiting for the lightning to strike too. We’re being childish. I know that. He probably knows that. The dogs and the cat probably knows that. We don’t have anything to argue about, except this bad mood that’s settled in.

And in the middle of this waiting and this avoidance, I can marvel at the quietness of it. I suppose that it’s like this even when there’s a real storm. People stop doing things, stop acting, and just wait and watch. Maybe nothing will come of this; maybe we’ll cool down; maybe the bad vibes will dissipate. I don’t know. But like when you see that black clouds at the horizon, we’ve frozen still. Quiet. Waiting. Watching.

Next Wednesday I’m to make another attempt at the driver’s license. It’s time to get it now. It is well past time to take it.

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