While we were rescued from our intemperate mood earlier by an unexpected visit by a friend, it gave me a chance to compare the over-sexualized flock of Baboons that I call my friends with the prurient and sedate lifestyle choices of Mark and me.

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It may be that I am the greater potential tit than Mark, but of us two it is simply so that I’d be the one to fall for temptation. I’m not saying that just to idolize my man, or that it is wishful thinking, but if you knew him in real life you’d know why yours truly is the person far more at risk of pissing it all away by cheating.

And it is also true that I’m not very prone to act on impulse, not even when drunk. If you knew me in real life, you’d know that I would have to brood on anything for two weeks before deciding. And I would have to fill two journals with the pros and cons of the proposed action. And write half a dozen blog posts agonizing over whether I made the right decision.

And then I’d have to become drunk enough to do whatever I decided, which would most likely mean me sitting there maudlin’ about it in slurred speech while I pass the point of no return to absolute uselessness for anything. So yeah, I’m not at a great risk either. I’m just a potential tit, and in the mathematics of our love equation, the probabilities for tittieness definitely favour me.

Sometimes, though, those of our friend who are more outgoing and exuberant than us, feel that they must include their doings and dealings in their contacts with us. And it’s a window into some sort of alien life that I feel like I should launch a scientific study. It’s like studying a flock of Baboons on the Savannah where the observed differences could explain us, or explain why we obviously fail as both teenagers and as young homosexuals, or explain what really moves inside the heads of our friends. Which head? That depends…

Or it could just be that both Mark and I are a pair of prudes that should listen and learn and be a bit more open-minded about things. But I would have to consider that, and brood about it for weeks first, and then agonize over it before doing anything.

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