A lot of lefty people become a little weak in the knees when confronted with Pope Francis, and I don’t know how many people I’ve met who thinks that he’s some kind of revolutionary Marxist pope that will chase the moneylenders out of the cultural temple of our times.

Pope Francis Portrait Painting
Photo credit: Dan Lacey

The problem with being weak-kneed when you meet someone is that it is that much easier to bend the knee to an authority that may or may not be very beneficial. In fact, that force may be acutely harmful.

While Francis has said a lot of remarkable things that I welcome, I don’t hesitate to suspect that there is more here than meets the eye, and together with other trends in this country, it makes me suspicious.

Lefty people tend to have a problem with the enemies of their enemies. They are very ready to embrace truly heinous forces, like Jihadist Islamists, if those forces are against Israel or the USA or more nebulously ‘The West’.

Right now, in this country, liberals and socialists are bending backwards to portray a cartoon as disrespectful to Islam. Television programs and newspapers are puncturing their otherwise lofty free-speech and freedom-of-the-press rhetoric in order to not publish this cartoon. So, we’re having a situation where white liberals are denouncing a British Muslim for tweeting a ‘disrespectful’ cartoon about his religion. Yeah.

In isolation, this could be amusing; an illustration of the hypocrisy that permeate political culture in this country. However, mash all this up with the trend among a growing chorus of Christians who claim they are being persecuted when they meet stiff resistance to their institutional homophobia, the establishment don’t know which way to turn to ‘respect religion’ by impaling every principle they say that they stand for.

At least the socialists should keep in mind what Marx once said: Religion is an opium to the people. While it may give relief and comfort to users who are struggling in a hard life, it is ultimately a destructive thing that bind people to bend the knee to authority. And the liberals say they are for freedom from religion, but who can say what liberals believe these days.

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