Since I was more occupied with worrying that I would fail than I focused on the road and the traffic, my practical driving test was a disaster today.

A car crash on Jagtvej in Copenhagen, Denmark.
A metaphor for my practical test today. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I did a lot of things wrong, which I normally wouldn’t do. I tried to drive down a one-way street, and when I did the reversing test I nearly backed into a parked car. When the test was over, it was no surprise that the man gave me a fail on the test.

So, when Mark came to pick me up after the test, he took one look at me, and then promised me that I’d pass the next time. Of course, the bastard sailed through his practical on the first go, so what does he know.

But I was actually quite nervous, and kept worrying about passing instead of looking at what I was doing. I hope the next time, I won’t be so nervous. Or maybe I’ll be even more nervous. Maybe this driving thing isn’t for me.

But at least, to soothe my wounded pride, Mark made me lasagna when we came home, even if it was my turn to do the cooking. And he’s been really huggy this evening to buoy my injured self-esteem. So, today isn’t all negative.

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