Since the journalists at Britain’s newspapers and television studios has been inconvenienced, together with many other Londoner’s, by a strike on the Underground, it may have slipped by that Cornwall has been doused under the sea and then pulled up again.

This might become a common sight in my town if Mark’s brilliant plan works (Photo credit: Javier Corbo)

It does seem like the 48 hour strike on London’s underground is more important than the massive waves battering the Cornish coast, as well as the flooding and power failures. Since Wiltshire is close to Cornwall, we have been following the news about that, though.

It is not like we don’t have our own problems either. The river here in town is under flood watch again, and the flood barriers have been erected down in the town centre. Once again Debenham’s might become an aquatic shopping experience.

For all these reasons, we’ve stayed at home today, secure half-way up a hill. The water shouldn’t reach us, if there’s more flooding, so we can close the hatches on the world and cuddle up in front of the telly. Hopefully we won’t lose power or the internet.

Tomorrow it is Friday again, and weekend, and I don’t know what we’re going to do. It seems a bit silly to make plans in case the town is under water tomorrow. But Mark did have a brilliant plan; if things continue we’ll import some Venetian Gondolas and start to ferry tourists and locals around. Should be a smashing success.

I just hope that the raining and the flooding stops soon. I’m so sick of it you wouldn’t believe. Even the arch-atheist me have started to think about forty days and nights of raining. If some drunk guy starts to collect animals and starts to build a big boat…

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