There is a certain kind of fun in going out with other gay people. And I mean, gay men because the lesbians keep mostly to themselves. The lives of the other gay people we know are so different from ours.

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The usual tour of the ghetto, as we call it, goes like this: a bunch of more or less repressed gay teens gather at our house for a couple of hours. For a brief time, our house becomes a Mecca of glitter and Eurovision and pink fluffy things.

Before, when we gathered the LGBT squad here under the umbrella of Mark’s school club, we stayed here as well. I sat up in the room steaming with the green-eyed monster because there were all these pretty things in our house, and Mark was sure to see how lacking I was in comparison to them.

Now, when we’re all legal and can go get drunk and join the army, we only stay at the house until we go to ‘the venues’. And now there’s the unfettered display of the sexual monster on display, because once we hit ‘the venues’ the flirting and parading and displaying game begins. The hormones flow, and after a few hours it’s safest to knock even on the bathroom cubicles which are half-open. Unless you can see that it’s empty, it’s best not to take any chances.

While I have better control of my jealousy these days, knock on wood, the experience is so strange. You have this really loud bad music… A Swedish writer Calle Norlén once joked in a book about that. “The best part about being gay is that wherever you go in the world, you’ll feel right at home in the gay bars because they play the same music. The worst part about being gay is that wherever you go in the world you’ll feel like you’re at home because they play the same music.”

I’m not sure that either Mark or I really like it, and I know Mark is his usual anti-social self after a while. He’ll start to fidget and want to go home. We’re just a pair of house sitters, I think. Well, I less than Mark because I can enjoy these outings because it gives me a chance to sit and watch this alien species that is the young male. Am I like that? Really?

But that is what we are going to do this evening. We are going to tour ‘the ghetto’, and we’ll try to have fun. After all, it’s our friends, and they want us to come with them. Maybe I should bring a notepad and do a quick study? ‘The teen male in the wild’. The fun thing is, though, that Abbie is coming with us. Usually, Mark’s LGBT friends don’t meet my LGBT friends. But tonight, on a whim, I invited Abbie along. If for no other reason than to have someone to hide behind. Or maybe I’ll have to drag him off someone, our drag him out of on of the cubicles in the loo when I need to go…

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