This week has been very hectic for me, but it started with a success. I went an did a rerun of my disastrous practical, and now you are reading the words of a fully proper human who have a driver’s license!

Historic car wreck on car cemetery in Kaufdorf...
I looked through suitable pictures to illustrate this post, and I saw this one, and now I want that yellow car so badly.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The minute I rang Mark to tell him, he hung up and called his mate to buy the Audi he’s been talking about (incessantly!). So, now he has a big, bad set of wheels, and I have a Toyota Yaris. I try to think of anyone else that have these kinds of problems, but I’m drawing a blank.

Ben just looked at me when I told him, and said something along the line of “you’re eighteen with a house and all, and you’re whinging about the problem of having two cars? You spoiled twat. Go away.” Abbie hasn’t talked to me at all in a couple of days.

That does not mean we’ve fallen out, but it’s difficult speaking when you have your tongue down someone else’s throat all the time. Yes, our high-strung hero has another boyfriend. I’m so happy for him for that, and the boyfriend is cute too. It makes Abbie so embarrassed to hear me speak of the boyfriend in those terms, so I do it all the time.

Otherwise there’s a lot to do in and around school which keeps me busy. One of the things is that my floor ball team has had an informal cup, and yours truly has been part of that. We have the chance to win the thing, if we can wave our sticks fiercely enough and beat the other teams shins enough.

I wrote another piece on my other, non-personal blog. I’ve been thinking about the news from Ukraine, and it struck me that people don’t read the classics – like Thucydides. That seems a shame. They also don’t read Rudyard Kipling or Wilfred Owen either. These days, reading newspapers, it’s like hearing echoes of those fathers who lied to get Kipling’s son killed.

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