Things change, and since I’m now a part of the working proletariat, I will have to find a new pace for this blog.

Usually I feel a bit guilty when I don’t post for days, and it has more to do with feeling the guilt of not writing and being productive.

Given that I’m now in part-time employ, I have to reduce the pace of the blog a bit, and suppress any expectation that I can produce more than a post or two per week. I work two three days a week, which means that my research and homework and coursework is compressed more into the ‘free’ days. Which impacts the chance I have to toss the work aside and write for this blog.

My most active social media is likely to be twitter, where I can post sarcastic and/or ironic observations in 140 characters or less. Which is a bit hilarious since you can make all sorts of sarcastic and ironic observations about me being on Twitter.