These days, my time is defined by revision and research. I sit and stare out the window in the office upstairs with Mark’s back against mine, and we scribble down our notes and ideas. In the dark out there, a whole town of a quarter of a million people go on with their lives; having fun, getting into trouble, falling in or out of love, or just sitting like me observing everything from afar.

If I turn my head around, Watson is going to lay splashed across the floor, his moustache spread out like a lady’s fan on the hard-wood. Most likely George will be nearby, licking his paws. To my left, Mark will sit bent over his books just as I sit here leaned over this laptop.

He prefers to use the Mac for his work, while I prefer to use the laptops. Yes, we have settled into camps: he’s the Mac guy, and I’m the PC guy. Well, except I use Linux, and not Windows. But we live up to the stereotypes to the point where Mark says that his next big purchase, when he’s saved enough, is going to be a Macbook.

It was his turn to cook today, so he disappeared for two hours, and then came home with a bag full of goodies like mozzarella cheese and real Parmesan to sprinkle over the fresh pasta he cooked. He had bought a few slices of real Parma ham as well, which he cut into strips and put in a vinegar thing that we ate the pasta with.

We have settled so much into the quiet existence that it’s alarming sometimes. Nothing rattles our cages, except for the occasional flare of tempers when we have a go at each other and release tensions and aggressions that have built up over time. But that’s to be expected. Then, like fingers poked into our ribs to wake us from the lethargy of our existences, we get eager and disjointed texts from our friends urging us to come out.

But there’s revision to do, and we are really a couple of house sitters that prefer to be here and think and read notes and cook nice dinners and wonder where the bloody cat is at now. I think it’s a good kind of life, but quite boring. Maybe we are just boring people? Maybe we will always be content like this, and not really do anything exciting or adventurous.

Is this what I want from the rest of my life? I’m not sure. It feels quite good. But it also feels like we’re standing still. It feels like we’re slowly turning to stone. Maybe in ten or twenty years time we’ll be this really boring middle aged couple that never do anything but putter around the house?

I also started a new project today; an off-shoot of my old magazine project. I still have the source code for it, and I suppose enough time has passed that I can take it out, tinker with it, and then pass it off as truly mine and not something that was made to order. I haven’t heard anything from the charity that they want it. In fact, after they shot the magazine down, I haven’t heard anything from them.