There has been a little bit of a drama in our local organic food store. We usually go there to buy potatoes, carrots and tomatoes. The tomatoes they sell are to die for, and if you’ve tasted one you’d never accept industrially grown Dutch tomatoes again. This shop also sells organic Quinoa. Or, they thought they did.

Earlier this week when we went there to shop, we spotted a small note next to the Quinoa which said that the produce may not in fact be organic. There could have been a mix-up at the distributors, and instead of organic Bolivian Quinoa they might have sold non-organic stuff instead.

Today when we came to the store, we were met by a big sign there – hand-painted with deliberation and care – which apologised profusely for selling non-organic stuff, and possibly causing distress, and that they would pay much more attention from now on. When we saw the sign, both Mark and I agreed that we had reached peak bourgeoisie.

There’s nothing that can top the idea that people would be distressed about eating non-organic Bolivian Quinoa when the same Quinoa had been loaded onto dirty ships and trafficked across half the world on lorries and all.

Our tomatoes, carrots and potatoes are produced locally, as I think organic food should be. Transporting organic food long distances seem to defeat why you would get into organic foods in the first place. And if you’re distressed about eating trendy, organic, imported foods, then one can only admire the level of irony on display.