I am pretty much done for the year now as I’ve handed in the work which will give me a place here next year. We will see if that work comes back with an OK, or whether I will have to ask my employers for full-time. I have good hopes.

That sort of leaves me with a bit of dilemma because there’s little to occupy my time from here on until September. I still have some lectures, and I still have classes, but they won’t have the sense of urgency the last few weeks’ work have had. Thus, I can gear down and shift my attention elsewhere – and that’s the question… to what exactly?

I should be able to write more on the blog, for one thing, but as always when I post stuff it feels like I’m saying things here that I’ve said a thousand times before. My life is not interesting or exciting enough for original reporting.

The house sitters trudge on as usual. Like me, Mark is gearing down. Right now he’s playing with Material Studio again. He has these moments, and that program is like having a digital chemistry set. Instead of blowing things up in the real world, he can blow things up on the computer. There’s a positive, there’s no toxic fumes and soot stains to clean.

We have started to talk about going away in June or July. Mark suggested another trip to Paris. Yay, I’ve infected him with a love for that city. But I don’t want to go to Paris this time. I want to go somewhere else on the continent. Maybe Berlin. Maybe Prague. Maybe Stockholm. I don’t know yet. I’ve never been to Prague or Berlin; I’ve been lots to Stockholm. But Stockholm is both familiar enough and exotic enough for it to be a possibility.

It is Friday now. I wrote everything until this paragraph yesterday, but for some reason I forgot to press publish. One more week under the belt, and the weekend is looming. We were at a birthday on Monday, so I’m not sure I can convince Mark to do something about the town. We’ll see.