I have to say that I really like my new computer. Before, I’ve always received stuff that other people have selected for me. Even the Mac mini up in the office was something Mark bought; not me.

My current beast is something I’ve picked all the parts myself. It has 16 GB Ram, a middle-of-the-road graphics card, 2 TB of hard-disk space – increasing the total in the household to 9 TB now. That’s a lot of room. The processor is an Intel i5 rather than the latest and the greatest, but with 4 cores running at 3.2 GHz it’s quite all right.

There’s a lot to be said for doing things differently, and I have set up this beast in a way that’s very different. While my instinct has been to install Linux first on all my machines so that Linux is my main operating system, I installed Windows 8 on this one and then put Linux in a Virtual machine. So, I can run a Linux-install in a window on Windows. I’m writing this text in such a window now, and there is no perceptible speed decrease from what I’m used to.

And for the last couple of days I’ve played my games on ultra settings: Far Cry 3, Skyrim and now the new Wolfenstein. Those are the games I have installed. And it’s awesome. No more fiddling with the settings to bring down everything to a point where my computers are not running slow as mud.

Of course, it’s also the computer Mark was annoyed at me for buying, but he’s gotten over that now. We have a new understanding about things, after hashing things out.