Yesterday I did my bit for the democratic process and went and voted for the first time in my life. The ice cream we bought in the rainy weather was the most interesting bit of the exercise.

I dithered a lot before I settled on who to vote for. In the end both Mark and I settled on the Greens, despite them being anti-science in many ways. They oppose things like GMO and nuclear power and things, and they oppose these things on emotive grounds and not scientific ones.

But out of a field of liars, cheats, racists, and idiots, they were the safe vote. Away in the European Parliament they’ll not do too much damage, and they’ll vote FOR the things that matter in the upcoming session. Things like proper data protection, and they’ll vote against the free trade treaty that the oligarchs are secreting together in secret talks.

Today I’m watching the news and note that the world is about to end, and I turn it off because the media in this country is really utterly contemptible. Our democracy is in a pretty sad state, and there’s probably not a lot which can be done about it. Special interests have captured the parties in a way similar to how it’s been done in the US, but more subtly and more out of the way, and more hidden. I just don’t see how it can be fixed UNLESS you do things to the media that no democrat could want: ie force them to print the truth about things and dictate their content.

I think it’s built into first past the post systems to fail once they become too comprehensive. It’s a design flaw. But this country voted on PR, and because people really dislike the Liberal Democrats they voted against that which could rescue democracy in this country. Now, it’s probably too late.

We’ll see more farcical elections like yesterday’s where a right-wing Monster Raving Looney Party that actually believes in its lunacy carries a third of the vote.