I have taken a little break from writing, considering that I’ve written so much over the last year. The curse of an English-lit student… we write so much that we write ourselves out.

Today, which means yesterday when you read this, football has dominated the household. England plays its first match against Italy, and Mark has invited over mates from work and school to watch it. Earlier he started a new batch of beer in a casket in the cellar, and that beer is ready now just in time for the world cup.

Instead of writing, I have – when I have not been working – done computer things. I’ve reworked my home network around a wired router I’ve rescued off a mate for a low price. But Colin, you say, you should go wi-fi! Well, yes, the network is mostly wi-fi, except for the desktops.

We have two desktops now: Mark’s Mac mini and my relatively new PC. Wi-fi gives a bit of a latency hit, and if you’re into playing games online that’s not too good. The best thing for online gaming is a wired router. And now I have one, and it’s downstairs, and there are now cables running all over the house.

Okay, I exaggerate a bit. I got a ten metre Ethernet cable and lay it from the front door to the office, which means that it stretches across the hall downstairs, up the stairs, and along the hall on the second floor. It’s something for the cat to chew on, in other words. No, it’s not tossed out willy-nilly. I did nail it to the bottom of the walls. Which is why I say I’ve built a network.

Most of the work was in laying out the cable and nailing it to the wall. Then it was about getting the wi-fi to work with the wired router, which wasn’t any work at all. I changed a setting for where the wi-fi router should point to, and that was it. All our other gadgets read off the wi-fi: the laptops, the iPads, the phones, etc.

We also moved the file server, which is Mark’s old desktop, out of the office and into the bedroom wardrobe. Suddenly it feels like we have a lot more space, and we don’t constantly stub our toes against that box. It doesn’t need a screen or a keyboard because we can use remote desktop on it if we have to work on it. Barring that the dust in there sets the file-server, and subsequently the whole house, on fire, it should be good in there.

With the new online gaming friendly house network, I’ve been indulging in that. Particularly in these footie times when clutches of strangers gather at the house to drink Mark’s home brew beer. I’ve been playing co-op Far Cry 3, which isn’t that fun. But it has a certain charm to talk about dead authors while you’re mowing down wave after wave of pirates in the South Pacific.

I’ll get back to writing in a bit. At least I have to when I have to start the next edit pass of my essay book. I finished an edit pass just the other day, but I don’t have to write anything now. Which is sweet.