Two years ago, when Mark and I went to Sweden so that Mark could work that summer at mum’s then employer, we visited Stockholm Pride. However, we only stood on the sidelines because we were only seventeen and couldn’t do anything.

But I remember how awesome it felt to march with tens of thousands of other queers, lesbians, transsexuals through the streets of Stockholm. It should be double plus great to do that in a place like London, I’m thinking. All the queens walking past the residence of the only legal one, shaking their stuff.

This year we’re thus seriously considering going to London Pride which starts on June 28th, and throwing ourselves into the festivities. In 2012 we only walked for a bit in the parade, but this time we could conceivably do a lot of other things. Ah, the benefits of having passed a certain arbitrary age barrier, eh?

Mark is more reluctant than I am, but hey, if he’s going to drag me along to stuffy old formals, then I’ll drag him on top of a Pride float so that he can shake his backside to the beat. Of course, with Mark that would mostly be asymmetrical jerking and not dancing, but you can’t have everything.

He’s kind of cute from behind when he does the dishes and have his earplugs in, the way he wiggles his bottom to the music. Amplify that by ten, and it should be awesome. Right? Yes, I think the world should experience that, and I think we should probably go. If we can find accommodation.