Time for an update, I suppose. There’s been so little interesting to write about that I haven’t bothered. I’ve taken it easy; I’ve cuddled with Mark in front of the telly in the evenings; played computer games; and I’ve been to work. Summer is easy and lazy.

This weekend, or rather this evening, we get into our car and will drive into London. We have a room in a bed and breakfast until Sunday. And what’s more, tomorrow we’ll walk in the London pride parade.

Last time we did was in Stockholm two years ago, but we were too young to be able to do much. Now that we’ve passed the proper age barriers, we’re going to be doing stuff.

Like, walk in the parade for the whole length; have a drink; go to a party; visit the London LGBT scene. Make a weekend of it. Have fun, and try to act like proper teenagers. We’ve already farmed out the animals. Mark’s parents have fetched the dogs; Auntie has fetched the cat.

Hopefully the B&B has internet which doesn’t cost like £2m per minute. Otherwise, I’ll fill you in on what we’ve done when we come home.