I just discovered that internet is included in the price for this room. So, all evening yesterday I was drooling with withdrawal symptoms for nothing. And I felt foolish when I went downstairs to ask where I could find an internet café in the neighbourhood.

That does not compensate for the broken electric kettle in our room, which meant that I couldn’t brew tea earlier this morning when I crawled out of bed. Nothing can compensate for that, and I am considering a law suit for terror, rage, pain, and suffering.

But it does allow me, now that my homicidal urges which brought about through lack of theine is under control through the emergency gift of hot water from front desk, to tell you lot what we did last evening. And mainly, the answer is – a big fat nothing because we didn’t come into London until six in the evening, and then we had to find the bed and breakfast.

Since there’s no means for us to cook, we had to brave the Friday evening and look for a cheap restaurant, something which is a bit of a problem in this city. London is never cheap. Though, there are tonnes of restaurants. We ended up in a desolate fast food establishment with just me, Mark, two other guests and a couple of bored looking attendants. After dinner, we just went back to our room.

The room is so small that it only has place for the bed, a chair, and a wall mounted small television. There’s a ledge with a kettle on it, which is broken as I’ve said. We have to use a communal loo, which is not so great, but we’ve had our limit of expensive hotel room bills for a while. At least the other people in the other rooms don’t appear to be smelly and unhygienic. This will have to do. We’ll survive. We can look at it positively; the room is so small that we’re forced to cuddle.

Another point about the room. The windows are thin, and it’s in an urban area, so I didn’t fall asleep until three AM when I dropped off from pure exhaustion. The reason for the insomnia was the window, and its thinness, because it certainly did nothing to dampen the noise from the outside.

Still, when I woke up and looked out of the bedroom window, I didn’t look over to the other side of the street and to the neighbour’s house at home. I looked over toward Big Ben. And we had the first of, no doubt, several or many shopping bags mashed up in the room’s only chair. That chased away any shred of lack of sleep. I’m excited to be here.

Today is the day of the parade. Pride started on the 26th, and will continue over the weekend, but today is the parade, and that’s why we came. It starts at 1 pm on Baker Street (no, not 221) and goes to Trafalgar. Until then we have to get sorted with Breakfast, which is what we’ll go and get now.

I may even get another mug (jug?) of tea.