My friends belong in different spheres of my life. In home-sphere there’s people like Stephen and Ian and Ruth. These are the people I’ve met around and in my home. Stephen introduced me to Mark, for instance, so he’s responsible for all that followed from this. When I get too twee here on the blog, it’s his fault. Mark brought in Ian and Ruth. Ian was part of Mark’s LGBT-club at his former school. Ruth was a class mate of Mark’s.

Then there’s the school sphere with Abbie and Ben and Jon and Leila. Abbie and Ben are hang-overs from my sixth form college, and Jon and Leila are people I’ve met at university. Jon is Canadian, and Leila is French.

Then there’s the sports sphere and we have Kev and Frank. I should explain what I mean by “sports”. Once a week I go down to a dingy little gym hall, and I spend a couple of hours playing “floor ball” very informally with some people. Kev and Frank really only inhabit the sports sphere, and they’ve never been at my house. I need to change that.

In fact, the point of this blog post is a reflection of how compartmentalized my circle of friends are. Ben and Abbie do visit the house sometimes, but we engage mostly at school and over the internet. When they come over it’s extra special reasons for it. A party, a direct invitation. Unlike with Stephen and Ian and Ruth they don’t just appear in our hallway suddenly.

And that is strange and funny because while I might consider Stephen, Ben and Abbie my best and closest friends, this friendship thing is not something I just bestow willy-nilly on people. If someone is my friend, they’re my friend. Otherwise they’re just “a mate”. There’s a difference.

So, that my friends inhabit different spheres with little or no contact between them is strange. It’s like I’ve divided my life into little boxes where certain things belong in one box but not in another. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t just empty all the boxes into one big pile and see what happens.