The weather has been so nice lately that yesterday I could try out my new swimming trunks out in the open. We spent hours submerged in a patch of the Wey river which Mark knew about.

It was me, Mark, Stephen and another mate who packed our things into the Toyota, together with drinks and food and baskets and a cooler. Oh, and blankets and towels and sun-screen. We were fully ready for a day out in the sun.

When we came there we did, however, end up sitting under a tree with a wide canopy so we found some shade instead of sitting out in the open with the sun-shine. So, today there is no agony of lobster skin and peeling.

Apart from the creepy aspect where you can watch three fit men dressed in nothing but swim-wear with water glistening on their pale skins and muscles… Cough. Where was I?

They spent most of the time splashing about in the river, and I spent most of my time under the tree reading a book. We only came home after midnight. When it grew too dark to read, we ate, and spent a couple of hours under the tree just talking about things.

Stephen is single, again, and spent part of those hours lamenting that. The other mate who was there made fun of Stephen for that. You know how the talk can go. I’m content that of us four, I’m not the only one with creepy tendencies.


The opportunities for creepiness ended, and we all went home, content with the day, because it was a very good day. And today, we’ve just sat here around the house doing nothing much. I’ve started to make a list of what I need to do if I’m going to make that app.

I’ll make the app first, before I start to adapt the web-thing to be able to talk to the app in the way that I want. I have a choice; I can either learn Objective-C or the new Apple language Swift and develop for IOS; or I can learn Java and develop for Android.

Since all I have of Apple things is the iPad 3, and since my android phones are more modern with Android 4.2, I’m going to do the Android. Then, if this amounts to anything, I’ll get someone to port it to IOS later.

I’ll go slow, and not put any priority on this. It’s a Project. I can tinker with this Project, like I’m tinkering with my Game. I’ll set a deadline for next summer. That should be plenty of time.