Cynicism does not allow the cynic to choose that which is good; nothing is good, so choice is illusionary. If no choice can be made because everything is shit, then no choice is made. Both choices are equally negative, and only non-choice is valid.

The cynic rationalizes the no-choice as ‘scepticism’, because of an effortless rejection of everything. Rejection is always shallow and thin. No thought need go into rejection. The cynic is locked in a mental prison which he can never escape.

Since the cynic is static and unmovable, cynicism never improves the cynic’s lot. Therefore the cynic experiences a gradual deterioration; a corrosion of his milieu. Cynicism becomes a self-fulfilling loop.

The cynic congratulates himself for being perceptive and wise. The cynic is a bitter fruit congratulating itself for sitting in a desolation of his own creation, because he takes the desolation as proof of the validity of cynicism.

Cynicism punishes itself. Non-cynics are left to enjoy the rewards of the choices the cynic were never capable of making.