It starts to feel like the summer is over, and now that it is only two weeks until the first class of the year starts, it can’t come soon enough. My work schedule has been pruned down to bare essentials – with enough days to keep me on the employment roster throughout the autumn but not enough to interfere with school. To be honest, it’s been a bit much these last couple of weeks.

Thinking about it, it has been a very quiet and calm summer. A summer for two home-bodies that mostly enjoy puttering around inside their own heads instead of exploring the world. I was a bit disappointed that we never were able to go off to Wales because I had looked forward to it, but in retrospect I’m not too fussed that it never happened. There is a case for sitting around the house in the evening with a blanket, a large mug of tea, and a marathon of Doctor Who on the telly.

I should expect my pace of writing to pick up again. So many essays I could write… While I, as usual, had big plans for writing, after it felt like my writing mojo had come back, there were long stretches when I didn’t put any words down on paper at all. Including here on the blog, as you’ve undoubtedly seen – unless you’ve all moved on to more interesting blogs with a more consistent schedule. Welcome to yesterdays news, this Colinology… There are surely more interesting folks around, instead of this sullen silence around here. 🙂

Mark came down this morning and saw me hunched over the laptop when he was on his way to the fridge and asked me if I was writing something for the blog, and I realised I wasn’t. So, I thought I should do it, even if it was only a few days ago that I did post here. If only George the cat could stop trying to sit on my laptop keyboard…

Work then is winding down, and school is once again looming over my life, and I’m starting to feel uncertainty about whether Year Two will be better than Year One. I hope so because I can’t say I was enthusiastic about Year One. If I’m going to spend £9000 on tuition for a place, I expect value for my money, and I’m still not sure whether I got it.

But I also look forward to it because, let’s face it, school frames my life and always has and I don’t know what I’ll do when there is no more school. Maybe sign up for more of it. There is always that Master’s degree after my four years as an under-graduate?

Today I will, contrary to what I wrote above, write some. While work does set the pace of the days so that I get up at ungodly hours like now even when I don’t have to, I think I’ll spend the day working on the story. That will quell that uneasy sense of guilt I always feel when I’m not producing something, and which grows stronger when I declare to the world that Now I Shall Write!