The start of the new school year was more hectic than I would have thought. I don’t know how many meetings and plans and schedules I’ve had to do, and it seems the pile of coursework on my desk is growing by the foot.

Apart from the trip to Wiltshire which I described in my other post, this weekend was supposed to be for catching up on some of that work, but then I realised that I’ve neglected this blog, and my tumblr blog, and my twitter horribly. Maybe someone, somewhere, wondered if I’d died.

My android app needs work too. I have a working alpha now of the mobile client, and I still need to create the website which will push things to it. Looking at the app, it looks horrible, and I really need to clean it up. I also have a painting I’m doing, in my digital art side-thing. I had planned to finish that by the end of August. It’s still not done…

For a literature student, I read too little for my enjoyment. I keep buying books which then sit on top of my bedside table, or in the shelf, without being read. I’ve half a mind to introduce a new section here on the blog for book reviews. That would give me some guilt-trips if I don’t read and post something about books.

Maybe I should just learn that I have too many ongoing projects, and brutally cut everything that isn’t likely to be done. And focus on the few that doesn’t require so much work – like this blog. But making such a promise to myself is just futility.

Oh, and the union will apparently survive. For now. We came a hair’s breadth from a split of the island of Great Britain. I supported the split because I thought it would mean a change in politics, but it’s really for the Scots to decide where they belong. On the 18th, I felt a little sad about the prospect of the split, for purely selfish reasons. But now, the focus moves to near Pinkagendist’s home turf, Catalonia. Let’s see if the Catalonians bottle it, in the end, like the Scots did.