Tuesday generally means football on the telly downstairs for Mark and friends, and for me it means a bout of computer games upstairs. People like Stephen or Ian or someone else from Mark’s life appear on our doorstep with beer and crisps, and they go into the living room and watch a game together.

Mostly they just talk loud, and hoot, and cheer, or protest. It’s nice, relaxing to sit upstairs and listen to them. Sometimes I go downstairs and take part, but most of the time I just keep to myself. It’s become a habit over the years we’ve been together. One of the little compromises of our marriage, I suppose.

Sometimes Mark wants me to come down and take part a whole evening, and I like that he wants to invite me, but we’ve generally unspokenly agreed that Tuesday’s are like this. Sunday night dinners with his parents and Aunty fell by the way-side, so I don’t really have a ‘counter’ to these sporting evenings.

But I just don’t have that much of a keen interest in sports, not like he does. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite a competitive person, and enjoy competing with other people. I just can’t transfer that trait over to the telly. I can’t engage in two teams I don’t really care about. So, I keep away.

While he drinks beer with the lads downstairs as some prerecorded game plays, I can lose myself in writing or gaming or one of my many projects. I have far too many projects for my own good, to be honest, and sometimes I can’t even decide which I want to work on. I open my android app, then close it five minutes later. I try to write, but stop. I trawl social media or the web for something interesting, but lose interest. I game.

It is one way to live together, I suppose, to find the spaces to be apart in the same house; doing different things. It’s not healthy to do everything together. One needs to mind one’s own things, in isolation. And these Tuesday nights work well enough for that, right? Just like me going to floorball once a week, to participate in team sports which I said above that I’m not that interested in.

I set aside some money for the Bodum kettle, and I’m going to go and get it next week. That will be my reward for being patient with his sport nights. 🙂