MARK: Sweetie, if you spent half the energy on real problems instead of brooding about your imaginary ones, you’d have solved world hunger and found a cure for cancer.

ME: Shut up.

MARK: But it’s true. Sometimes you get something into that little head of yours, and you just won’t let go. Your mother is right, you know.

ME: What? What has she been saying?

MARK: You and your dad are the most annoyingly stubborn people in the world. Pair of peas in a pod, you are.

ME: I’m nothing like dad!

MARK: Oh yes, you are. You’re a lot like him.

ME: [Fake pout] So, you hate me then?

MARK: No! [laugh]

ME: You hate him. So you must hate me.

MARK: I don’t hate him. He’s just annoying when he gets his big man mood on and want to buy everyone in sight.

ME: You’re the only person I know who don’t want people to buy you things.

MARK: [Tugs my forelock] No. That’s my job. I want to buy you things.

ME: You do? There’s a medieval castle in France that I’ve been looking at on the internet…