I have been a cripple since yesterday. No, I’m not talking about the fact that I finally relented to Mark’s nagging to go and get some prescription glasses. My pride and joy, my car, have been stone cold dead.

Maybe there is something to the myth that one shouldn’t stay up late and read in flash-lights, like I did so much during my wilder days when I wasn’t single. To be fair, these days I just sit in the office and read, so as not to bother Mark’s sleeping. I have a chair in there that’s reasonably comfy.

However, that wasn’t what I was going to talk about. The glasses. imperceptibly it seems that my distance sight have gotten worse, and as a driver, that’s not on. So, Mark has nagged indeed. He only mentioned it like three or four times last week. “You should go to the optician soon”. And so I did, and I got myself glasses. Now I spend my days pushing these glasses up the bridge of my nose, like all other four-eyed geeks I know. I feel part of the crowd now.

And then the car stopped working, which pleased Mark no doubt. Now he has an excuse to spend time outside with the car open and with the stereo on, with his arms down in the engine to his elbows. He’s done that to his own car, but there haven’t been anything wrong with it lately, and now he had some mechanical affliction to cure. Yeah, he’s been content. Except I’ve felt like I’m crippled, because suddenly I have to take the bus everywhere. Or the bike. And this is the one who, a year ago, biked everywhere. I mostly didn’t even take the bus to school twelve miles away in the morning. I biked. What a lazy creature of comfort I have become, eh?

Apart from that, nothing is going on in our lives worth talking about. We’re in the rut of coursework and school. We eat, sleep, get up in the morning, and spend our time bunched up over our books. This is why this blog, and my twitter, and my tumbler, and everything online where I’m at miss my attention. Which leaves me feeling quite guilty.

I’ll do better, I promise. I hope. I think.