“If you don’t help me with this paper, you have to sleep on the sofa tonight, that’s all there is to it,” I said to Mark earlier. “Okay, I’ll go and get the pillow and the blanket, because that stuff you’re doing makes no sense”. Foiled again…

It is going to become so much worse not to procrastinate in November and December. Tomorrow (as of writing this) BioWare releases its latest installment in its Dragon Age series. The second wasn’t very fun, so I’m a bit wary of this one. One can’t really rely on the reviews which have been published because the reviews praised both Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3, and they turned out to have big problems.


Anyways, once I’m done with Dragon Age, then comes Elite Dangerous! As if I didn’t have little time as it is. Writing these papers is going to become so much harder because there will be no time left for life once I get these games.


It is just a few weeks left of this term now, and we’re into starting the finishing stretch of our term papers. I will have to write eloquently and with insight about medieval poets and dramatists, because that’s what I’m researching, but instead I spend my days playing computer games.

And now Mark won’t submit to emotional blackmail here, and won’t help me, so I don’t know what to do. This is going to be a most difficult time for me… How will I cope?