I am the rock that thinks. I am the water that feels. I’m a moving archipelago of one-celled organism which work together to make the whole into a unity that thinks of itself as me. I am the red blood cell that loves, the white T-cell that considers the universe, and I am the brain cell that moves my feet through the world.

I am this Earth made flesh, this dirt made conscious, this air made loving, this water made aware. I am everything fused into one that consider all of this around me focused into a single blade of grass. I’m happy; happy to be alive, happy to be aware, happy to love, and happy to live.

I’m aware, and I’m alive. Isn’t that a true miracle? Screw religion. Religion can never come close to match the true miracle of life. Religion can never fill me with the same wonder that this me, this multicellular collection of blood and bone and brains that is me, can.

I spent the day listening to audio tapes about the stars, life, the universe. I’m a tiny, tiny speck of navel lint in the body of the world, but I’m also awesome because I’m alive. Wow. I want to do everything, know everything, see everything, feel everything out there. And I want to record everything, and write about everything.

Today, I feel so happy, and I don’t want to miss a thing.