If we dressed up Baby Jesus in one of those sequin silver Elvis costumes and enlarged Jesus to life-size, it would not look amiss in our living room at the moment. Ladies and gentlemen, we are the victims of christmas kitsch, and it’s a bit fun. “Darling, your lungs are forcing us to become Liberace,” I told Mark yesterday. “Maybe we should put you up for lung transplants so our style cred is not destroyed.”

We both stood in the doorway to the living room where our new purchase resided next to the television set – a plastic christmas tree that was the sorriest, cheapest, and most kitsch thing we’ve ever owned. With Mark’s asthma we can’t have a real and proper Christmas tree, and so we have to put up with this thing which cost a tenner in one of the gift shops in town.

So, as it’s December now, Christmas is steadily creeping into our lives. Which happens every year, of course, but which always leaves me feeling a bit conflicted. The arch atheist getting stuck into this holiday is a bit odd.

But I’ve decided not to mind too much, unless religion tries to impose. We can do this without religion. After all, most of the people who celebrate this holiday only do it for the presents, and to see the family. We can do that as well, and leave it at that.

The family is coming together on Christmas day, and that’s when we’ll have to cook for them. It’s been decided that mum, Auntie, Mark’s parents, and my Scottish cousin in London and my cousin in Brighton will come here. Also, I’ve invited Ben over. I don’t want him to sit in his student room alone over the holiday. For reasons he won’t be going home to his parents over the holiday.

School is otherwise winding down, and it’s just a week or so left of classes. All the important work has been done now, and we can look forward to the winter break. We’ll resume everything in January again. This big gulf of time opens up now, and I’ll have to think of what to spend all that time on. Maybe a few new covers? Maybe a project? I don’t know yet. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll finish one of the projects I’ve already started.