This was the last day of classes for me, which mean that I left home at eight in the morning and was back at nine. I am so sweating the stark light of hard studies, right?

Mark must go on until next week, and therefore I’m puttering alone at home today. Just me and the dogs and George the Cat. The constant companions, whose main advantage is that they are not human.

I have not suddenly become a misanthrope. I was one all along. I am kidding. I am not a misanthrope of any shade. Still, it feels good to have the day all to myself. I’m not going to invite anyone because I have no intention of being social. If anyone rings the door bell, I’ll just pretend to be out. Or at the university. Or at work. I’ll lower the blinders, and close the curtains, and nail the door shut…

I was productive this weekend. Windows Update ruined the Windows side of my computer, and I had to try to understand what was wrong. It seems as if part of the file system on my hard disk had become corrupted, and when Windows tried to write updates to it, it broke everything.

I spent about five hours waiting for CHKDSK to finish, and if you don’t know what that is, count yourself lucky. It’s more fun to watch paint dry than to stare at the screen for the hours that it takes this command line program to finish. Once it was clear that it wasn’t a hardware problem, I wiped Windows and reinstalled. Which meant that Windows Update spent hours downloading and rebooting my computer. I started at nine on Saturday, in the evening, and finished at five a.m.

But I did also make a song on Saturday, before I started with the computer things. You can listen to it here.