This has actually been quite a busy week for me. I have filled my days with making covers, which I will be releasing over the next week as I get around to polish them. One of them, published a few days ago, can be heard here.

It has been good to have a creative project. Music is so immediate. You get immediate results, unlike writing which needs to be polished and edited before it’s impactful. Music… it’s just a guitar, a song, and it has meaning.

I have an additional three songs in the pipeline. So, the sum total of these last ten days is five songs. I would call that productive, for me, when it comes to music. And I feel well good about it too, so there.

Oh, and I have also injured my leg. I wear bandages on my left calf because when I played floor ball yesterday, I got a nasty gash in my shin. I had three orderlies hovering around me to stop me bleeding all over their precious gym floor.

Today I had to brave the bad weather and go to the GP to get it properly treated by a doctor, and to see if I should get a referral to a hospital. We didn’t have to go; my medics did a good job.

So, today I’ve had an excuse not to do anything. Haha, Mark was such a softie yesterday. Made me dinner and everything even if it was my turn to cook. I think I need to injure myself more often. If I put some plastic in the corner here, I could bleed more often without ruining our floors.

The rest of the day is going to be lost in the wilds of Thedas. I have finally bought Dragon Age Inquisition, and I can’t wait to get stuck in. In about a hundred hours I’ll stumble out of the office for food and drink. Before that? Don’t dare interrupt me. 🙂