Getting drunk with one’s mother is not something that feature particularly high on anyone’s radar, I suppose, but now it did happen. I suppose that means that, as I wrote in my last post, that things have changed between us.

Drunk is an exaggeration. It’s more like giggly intoxicated after drinking three-four glasses of wine together in a relatively short amount of time. In total we finished two bottles between us. Sometimes I’m glad I hoard drinking stuff like that, but now I’ll have to replace it. Maybe I can get Auntie to do it for me.

Mother has left for London now. Yes, she took the train. Mother is very keen not to get into a car the day after, unlike many people I know – like Mark’s dad who can grab a pint and get into a car. I’ll never understand this, and maybe it’s my upbringing elsewhere that is influencing me, but I feel a slight resentment to the cavalier attitude about driving after a visit to the pub.

It is curious how law snares morality. Scotland has lowered the drinking limit to 0.5 per mille, to bring it in line with the rest of the continent. Here in England the limit is still 0.8 mille. Which allows for someone to drink a pint before getting into a car. Now I heard from Mark’s dad that this was somehow anti-liberty, and thus immoral. Funny.

Mother is coming back to us on the 24th, which is of course the day that us Swedish-attached personages celebrate Christmas, unlike the rest of the world. We get all our guests over on the 25th, though. On the 24th it’s going to almost feel like old times.

Unless, of course, George the Cat wins his war against our Christmas tree. He’s only tore it down three times. Once he became enraged at the glass balls and the tinsel, and broke three balls and tore off the tinsel.

Mark thinks it’s funny, but I think it’s annoying. We have to put it all back up again, and we have to untangle the tinsel bands – which is annoying. I expect that we’ll have to do it again soon. George does not yield when facing a tactical setback.

We had Stephen over today. He has found a new girl, and wants to introduce her to us. Given the earlier introductions, and promises that this time it is the Thing, I don’t have my hopes up for him. Ben also came over and gave us a christmas present, which he didn’t have to do. Abbie don’t do Christmas, but he came along anyway.

Life has seemed to stop a bit, thus, and everyone is just waiting for the big day. Stephen’s parents have more or less resettled in France and spend most of their time there, which gives Stephen the run of the house, and a certain amount of loneliness. I never thought that would be a danger for him, because he’s such a social monster, but he says he’s enjoying the quiet. He didn’t want to come to us on the 25th. Says he plans to just lay around. More like he’s planning to get the new girl over.