As I’m not sure if I’ll be able to write anything until after the upcoming festivities, before the wait starts for the New Year, I thought I’d grab the chance to wish all of you who read the blog a merry Christmas.

I am not the most exciting person to read, or write, about. Sometimes it feels like I’ve said everything already. But as this is the public outlet of my journals, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks for being so patient with me by reading this blog, and I want you all to know that I’m really glad that you do, even if I neglect it sometimes. It is just that at times, I don’t have anything to say.

I’ll most likely be more active on my tumblr blog or on my twitter since they don’t require any big effort to maintain.

See you in the middle days between Christmas and the New Year. To all of you who have stuck in with me over the months and years past, thank you, and Merry Christmas. Have the best time. 🙂