Yesterday Mark came through for the atheist cause, and I couldn’t be prouder. As Mark took out the Christmas ham from the oven, the doorbell rang, and on our doorstep were a man and a woman from Jehovah’s Witnesses who wondered if we were thinking about Jesus then.

With a houseful of people, Mark came to my side to see what was going on, and as soon as he realised who these people were, he licked my ear and gave me a big fat one on the lips. The looks on the JW’s faces were priceless. They did not linger, and so I’m proud of my man even today.

Mark is of course one of those who “believe in something”, which is code for being a wishy-washy type Christian that don’t really bother much with religion, as such, but who still refuse to take the logical step and declare for atheism.

That said, the Humanists of Scotland just shows that atheists too can get into stupid ecclesiastical fights. I don’t even know what it’s about, and I mostly throw my hands in the air and shout abuse in the general direction of the North.

On December 31st the first Scottish gay wedding will take place, when Gerrie and Susan Douglas-Scott will marry. But the Humanists were planning a “first gay wedding” later, and now the humanists are upset at the couple and threaten to expel them from the Humanist society of Scotland because they won’t wait for the Humanist Society to get in first…

Instead of fuming, I can play with the new laptops I and Mark got yesterday. Mum and dad had joined forces to get us new models because “we need them for school”. Which is totally untrue, and I wish they would talk to us first. At least, we could convince them not to bother, or if they persist to get models which are more useful for the purpose.

Mark is a Mac man and wants a Macbook, and has saved for one for ages now. Nearly everything he makes on his bricklaying job goes toward the Macbook now. And now they bought another Windows-box.

I did spend some time this morning trying to put a VM Hackintosh on his box, but I have done something wrong and will have to try again. I’ve used the iAtkos Mountain Lion distribution. My purpose is to host Mac inside Windows, so that he can choose to use his Mac-things on that one.

For the rest of the day, aside from walking the dogs, I plan to do absolutely nothing. I need a day, or two, to rest my ears from the babbling yesterday.