I told you before that I had started to draw and paint. I even put up a terrible attempt at a self-portrait. Sorry about that. I have continued to draw and paint on and off, and now I’m on a binge again.

As always with me, I seek the aid of technology, and I earlier (before the self-portrait), I got myself a drawing tabled. A Wacom one. Each time I trudge to school, I bring it along in one of the pockets of my school bag. It’s good for quick notes too! My tutors and teachers and professors like to use diagrams and such, and it’s quick work copying that with the stylus and the tablet.

Anyway, I’ve put up some of my “art” on my tumblr, and realised I haven’t put up any here. It’s very amateurish still. I have so much to learn about painting and drawing still. I need to practice a lot more.

But since coming back to Uni, I’ve had time between classes to doodle, and this is what I’ve come up with. I’m not too fuzzy about forms and details – the purpose of these paintings is to understand colour theory. So that’s why they’re… um… like they are. Anyway, here goes. Sorry about this. But I am an arty geek, so you’ll just have to bear with me. Roll your eyes if you must, but this is me. 😀

Note: It’s good that Pink has dropped off the internets until he gets his house sorted, and won’t see them. 🙂


devilboy forest